Dmitry Tarasov fulfills the desires of Anastasia Kostenko

Дмитрий Тарасов исполняет желания Анастасии Костенко Recently the footballer was a surprise mate with a special gift. The model thanked darling for a pleasant surprise, which he made to her at an unexpected moment. Fans of the couple were delighted with the harmony that prevails between them.

Midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov happy in a relationship with model Anastasia Kostenko, the title of the second “Vice-miss Russia-2014”. Young people no longer hide their affair from the public – they are touching recognized each other in love and share joint photos in social networks, to the delight of his fans. Recently, the famous football player did a nice gift to the other half. Beauty was truly amazed by the surprise of the athlete.

“This is the best quality, when the native man hears every word and in an unexpected moment, gives it weight. Thank you for listening. One of my favorite flowers is Lily of the valley. Sign this spring. Before me grandma gave grandpa. Brought these wonderful flowers plucked in the country, with drops of dew,” shared the model.

She also added that she began the session at the University. After the girl will pass all the exams, she will go to his small home in the town of Salsk in Rostov region. The model anticipates a long-awaited meeting with the people. “There is only the best,” she said.

Fans Kostenko wished her good luck and found that it looks amazing. “Beautiful”, “You are a wonderful couple,” “Stay the same happy”, “Good”, “Clever” – they wrote. At the same time envious Anastasia again criticized its publication caused a storm of emotions among fans girl. They asked Kostenko not to pay attention to the comments on. “Patience you”, “don’t lose light because of the darkness that surrounds you”, “calm Down already, People are happy, what more do you want,” wrote defenders of the model.

Previously Anastasia has intrigued Internet users picture for background luxury car. “Dreams come true”, – she wrote in microblogging. Fans Kostenko came to the conclusion that the chosen one gave her a luxury car. However, envious of the model once again began to discuss her relationship with the famous footballer. She Kostenko made it clear that she was not interested in such reflections. “Delve into the gossip and someone else’s life,” she said.

Anastasia Kostenko hinted at gorgeous gift from Dmitry Tarasov

We also add that recently Dmitry Tarasov celebrated the end of the season “Locomotive”. On this occasion, the player gathered the family in a fashionable capital restaurant. Fans of the athlete wonder – do it in the traditional trip abroad together with your beloved.