Дмитрия Шепелева не увольняли с Первого канала In a press there were messages that the First channel has not renewed the contract with Dmitry Shepelev. According to some reports, the show “Dostoyanie Respubliki”, which he led with Yuri Nikolaev, closed. “StarHit” found that no one Shepeleva was not fired, he still is an active employee of the TV channel.

      Дмитрия Шепелева не увольняли с Первого канала

      On Wednesday, some publications reported that Dmitry Shepelev left without a job on the First channel. According to them, the management has not extended the contract with the presenter, which spent a long time together with Yuri Nikolaev the program “property of Republic”. “StarHit” figured out and figured out that Dimitri is not going anywhere. The presenter remains in front of the crew of the TV channel.

      The program “property of Republic” is not closed. According to representatives of the channel, the show will be aired, if there’s enough material for a single release that could be of interest to the viewer.

      “Dmitry Shepelev remains employed and continues to work in the team of the First channel. The program “property of Republic” is not closed, she went out and will be aired as the emergence of interesting reasons. For example, once in the filming there was a pause and a half years, then they resumed again. In the new television season, without a doubt, there will be new editions of a musical show, and as usual, to lead them will be Yuri Nikolaev and Dmitry Shepelev”, – said the “StarHit” employee of the crew of the program “property of Republic”.

      In addition to the project on the First channel Shepelev recently worked on the show “Two voices”, which goes to STS. The format of such a music program exists successfully in Europe: Belgium, Spain and Poland. But for the Russian audience the team had to adapt the transmission making small changes. “Two voices” is a family musical contest where competing duos of parents and children.

      “I gladly agreed to this project in the first place, because I myself am a young dad, and it’s a show about family values, about the relations between parents and children, and, of course, about real talent. I’m sure it will be funny and touching. We are waiting for the incredible emotions and the struggle of the members for the recognition across the country,” – shared Dmitry Shepelev.

      There is no information yet when the new season of the program “Two voices”. Therefore Dmitry has time to consider new proposals and perspectives. Shepelev appears in other projects of the First channel, for example, conducts a variety of concerts.

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