Наталья Водянова показала новорожденного сына The supermodel gave birth to the fifth child. Natalia Vodianova has published in his microblog the first photo of the face of the baby. Touching on the picture a young mother feeds the baby.

      Наталья Водянова показала новорожденного сына

      Natalia Vodianova became a mother for the fifth time. At the world-famous model son was born. The star of the catwalk and her civil husband Antoine Arnault is already the third day accept congratulations from friends and many fans around the world. All members of the family happy, especially the children Vodianova who were waiting for the brother to light.

      Natalia Vodianova became a mother for the fifth time

      “Early Saturday morning our family was one man more. Daisy is home and knows the world surrounded by sisters and brothers – star wrote on his microblog. Antoine proud, I’m – tired but happy and waiting for the summer, hoping to relax a bit. Thank You, my dear, for your messages and support.”

      Interestingly, Vodianova is not just announced the happy news through social networks, but also published a photo of the baby. However in the picture it was visible only baby’s leg, which parents gave the beautiful name of Roman. As it turned out, is not the only photo shared by the supermodel. A little later it published another – where you see better the newborn.

      In the picture, which obviously was made in the first hours of life of the Novel, the mother feeds the baby’s chest. On the photo Natalia can even see the face of a newborn, which lies peacefully in her arms.

      We will remind, about pregnancy Natalia became known in the fall of 2015. The supermodel came on one of the social evenings organized by her friends in the Moscow boutique. The star wore a dress that did not hide the rounded tummy.

      For the entire nine months waiting for a child Vodianova led an active life, participated in a charity receptions and engaged in the education of other children. Shortly before the birth of the Novel Natalya posted the shot with the impressive size of the stomach in a social network. “Nine long beautiful months, followed by one lovely life,” signed photograph of a model.

      The grandmother of the newborn Novel, her mother, Larisa Viktorovna, shared with Woman’s Day your emotions after the birth of a fifth grandchild.

      “I’m so glad everything went well! The delivery was on time, and my daughter, and her baby feel good. A cherished child born in great love. Of course, the boys in the family daughter a clear advantage, but the main thing – that the baby was healthy. And as for the daughter… Maybe God will still send them and the girl. At least, I would like that very much. Older children are a new member of the family happy, they this event is expected. As, however, and our entire family. After birth, Natasha called and invited me to Paris to see his grandson. Here you choose the time and will definitely do that. So I want to hold to your chest is a small miracle!” she said.

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