Алексей Воробьев: «Любовь - есть психическое расстройство» The main character of the show “the Bachelor 4” explained why he was not chosen in the final. Alexey Vorobyov was configured on mutual love and not on games in which need someone to achieve. The artist did not want to lie to yourself.

      Алексей Воробьев: «Любовь - есть психическое расстройство»

      Last Saturday took place the dramatic finale of the fourth season of the show “the Bachelor.” For the heart of Alexei Vorobiev fought two girls — Natalia and Yana Garaganova Anosov. However, the choice of the hero has not fallen any one of the contenders. Is the end of the show shocked many viewers, because they hoped to the last that the program will help the artist to find their true love.

      Why Alexei Vorobyov chose nobody on the show “the Bachelor”

      After the final in social networks sparked heated debate. Users discussed the decision of Alexei and shared their guesses as to why she did not choose. Sparrows could not respond to emotional appeals to his fans to explain what happened.

      “I’m for love, not games in which need someone to achieve, it always ends the same, and you can guess how,” asked Alex to the show “the Bachelor.” – Love is a mental disorder, that is you sitting in front of the TV, trying to reason logically about people, actions which did not succumb to the logic, due to the fact that they feel”.

      Vorobyov is not indifferent to the accusations that he failed to build relationships with girls who showed him an obvious sympathy. One of the most aggressive fans even laughed at the episode of the finale, in which Alex showed excessive emotionality. The hero of “the Bachelor” have agreed to let the tears in the air.

      Finalist of “the Bachelor,” Natalia Garaganova: “I was screaming, I didn’t love it”

      “I’d rather be, as you said, “to cry, sitting on the steps, feeling real pain than insincere smile. To bring you some beautiful and unreal tale that will never happen in my life and your life, if we are all the way we lie to ourselves and others”, – said the actor.

      Interestingly, in the final of the show, one of the finalists, Natalia Gorozhanov, spoke about the possible continuation of their relationship with Alex. “I have feelings for him, and I know that the continuation of our relationship will be more,” – shared the girl.

      Time will tell, will come true if expectations of Natalia. Perhaps Alex and will continue to communicate with her outside of the program, but escalate the meeting in a serious sense, yet can not be assumed. “I didn’t come here to get new emotions and to meet a decent girl, and feel. This project gave me hope and faith that true love exists. To create it with my own hands I did not succeed. If it was possible to do, I would have coped”, — said at the end of the show Alex.

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