Dmitry Shepelev said that the Friske family led by the nose 1.5 years

Дмитрий Шепелев заявил, что семья Фриске водила всех за нос 1,5 года

After a brief lull native Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev up again.

The family’s lawyer Friske said that they are ready to bury the hatchet and not to initiate a new investigation regarding the missing money if Dmitry agree on the world and will give Frisco to see Plato.

In the words of human rights activist Friske, they managed to collect a lot of dirt, which they are willing to destroy if Shepelev will go on their terms. Dmitri, in a telephone conversation with the lawyer noted that the child does not trade and offered to contact his lawyer to discuss all the issues.

Today the journalists of the Internet portal Dmitry commented on the actions of the Friske family, saying that for six years viewers and everyone who was not indifferent to the history of Zhanna Friske led by the nose.

“I can say that for six years viewers and those who watched this story, had a weird role – they are skillfully led by the nose. Never were no restrictions on visits of Plato and to communicate with him. And, if after our interview, I’ll call grandmother or grandfather of Plato and say that I want to see him, I will be very happy. And surprised”, – quotes the edition Shepeleva.

Reporters asked, did I mean he, that all this time grandma and grandpa Plato didn’t call him and was not interested in them? Shepelev’s reply was brief and very ambiguous: “Very sorry.”