In the UK established the League of Quidditch

В Великобритании создали Лигу квиддича

Thanks to the British writer who created a whole new magical universe for children around the world in the near future we will get a new sport.

Western media reported that in the UK initiated the creation of the League of Quidditch games, which devoted a lot of time in the “potterian”.

The League will comprise eight teams, the selection of participants which will be held in the spring of 2017. “3 – the best players will be selected by menedzheram team and will be included in the main compositions of the first season,” reads the official statement of the representatives of the League.

Note that the Quidditch League is a serious organization that plans to make invented by JK Rowling game full sports tournaments, along with football, basketball, other things.

Training for competitions will be made at a high level, up to the development and creation of equipment, inventory, fields for games.

Become a team member can be any person with a good physical preparation. Sexual restrictions.

Of course, the main feature of this game in real life is embodied will not. The players, of course, can’t fly on broomsticks to catch the ball. However, the organizers will be offered a worthy alternative.