Дмитрий Шепелев жестко ответил критикам Saturday night live “million dollar Secret” Vladimir Friske said that Dmitry Shepelev stopped the treatment of his daughter that could improve her condition. The presenter was bombarded with accusations and insults. Dmitry could not remain silent, and devoted the haters post.

Journalists and users of social networks are closely watching the life of Dmitry Shepelev does not weaken for a second. Since then, as became his common-law wife and mother of his only son Plato Zhanna Friske, TV presenter often gets into scandals with other native artist. Some people criticize and condemn others support and sympathy.

The next wave of condemnation fell upon Dmitry after Saturday’s program “the Secret to a million,” the hero of which was father-in-law of TV presenter Vladimir Friske. The confrontation between the relatives of the deceased in 2015 Zhanna Friske began almost immediately after her death and does not stop until now. Vladimir Friske in conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva revealed new details of the last days of the life of the daughter, in fact, openly accusing Dmitry Shepelev in the passing of Jeanne. According to the father of the late singer, Dmitry stopped effective treatment of Jeanne, suddenly ceased to give a new expensive drug, which, according to Vladimir Friske, has significantly improved the state of his cancer patient daughter.

Dmitry Shepelev stopped effective treatment of Jeanne Friske

The rendering is so stirred up the public that Dmitry Shepelev again began to “attack”. Many viewers commenting live on social networks and information portals, has advised the presenter to be tested on the lie detector, to become himself the hero of his program “really”. Others once again began to call to release the boy and give him to see his grandparents: “After all, the grandson of the particle Jeanne” – they wrote.

Dmitry responded harshly all in a post on his page in Instagram:

“Critics and commentators. All advisers who know exactly how I should live. Clever, who knows how I am obliged to raise my child. Dirty languages. Naive viewers, who are accustomed omnivorous to believe everything indiscriminately. Outraged the guardians of morality. Educators. Asylum. Advisers. All those who know exactly how how was and who is to blame. Haters and thugs. All those who sends the curse and could not restrain my indignation… All of you I’m sorry. For your anger. For your stupidity. For your gullibility. I have nothing to reproach myself. I have nothing to explain and nothing to justify. My child is happy. I’m happy. Not long live the past, in which you enjoy fumbling. Place your order in their exemplary lives. Until then, calm down, crazy. Take care of yourself and your problems. With the new year. Good for you all,” wrote Dmitry Shepelev.

Commentators on this post Dmitry Shepelev, as always, was divided into two camps – some in favor, others against. Although Vladimir Friske said that he was ready for a conversation with his son to apologize to Dmitry, many viewers and fans of Zhanna Friske sure this family will have to go through a lot before they are able to reconcile.