Lev Leshchenko is subject throughout to the wife

Лев Лещенко во всем подчиняется жене The actor and his wife Irina Leshchenko next year will mark 40 years since the wedding. And although the wife of a famous singer is always in the shadow of fame of her husband, Lev Leschenko has admitted that she is fairly strict.
Лев Лещенко во всем подчиняется жене

“The Kremlin Nightingale”, as it is often called the first of Lev Leshchenko has always been a prominent man. Handsome, deep voice, sparkling eyes. Moreover, among colleagues Lev Leschenko is considered one of the most exemplary family men. His wife Irene, nee Baudino, Leshchenko married almost 40 years – the anniversary couple will celebrate in the coming 2018.

Irina Leshchenko always beside her husband kept modestly, only says it after and rarely gives interviews. But Lev Leschenko has recognized that home it is quite strict. The singer openly shared family secrets in the program Yuriy Nikolaev “I swear.”

“Irina is offended, but she’s by nature a teacher. On the phone I’m her “baby girl”, and all the house very strictly. But I am very grateful to Irina, she’s my digest. I sometimes joke that Ira introduced me to the word “preference”. She reads a lot, knows a lot. Remember, we began to build the house, it was an endless series of conflicts, but the Ira have won,” he said in an interview.
Лев Лещенко во всем подчиняется жене

Incidentally, in his youth, Lev Leshchenko was so charming and loved the girls that Yevgeny Yevtushenko even wrote the following lines about him: “pop goes the pet soloist, bursting the straps groupies…”.

Of course, the arts Council and other organizations in the USSR to produce such verses are not given. But the legend remained. And still have fond memories of friends and acquaintances.