Dmitry Shepelev left Russia

Дмитрий Шепелев покинул Россию

Life Dmitry Shepelev takes place under public scrutiny, because any activity of a showman in addition to the work makes to talk about it. So, did not go unnoticed publication, which recently Dmitry has done in his microblog.

On the page in Instagram Shepelev posted a picture where he is depicted on a cliff by the sea (or ocean).

“Welcome escape” – succinctly signed frame with romantic content Shepelev.

Members took this accompanying review, and began to talk about the fact that he fled and the x idol. Someone suggested that Shepelev just overworked and decided to spend a few days in nature to recharge. To some it seemed that Dmitri fled not from physical fatigue, and from moral, which haunts him in Russia on the background of all the events associated with his late civil wife Zhanna Friske and her family.

Shepelev chose not to respond to comments and questions from his followers. Keeps the intrigue.