Дмитрий Шепелев вмешался в семейный скандал Панина The actor became a hero of the new show “really”. However, shooting was delayed through the fault of the former wife of Alexei. According to the artist, the mother of his daughter arrived at the platform in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication.

Alexei Panin was not the first year fighting for custody of daughter with ex-wife Yulia Yudintseva. Woman accuses ex-wife of failing to properly educate a child. Wanting to prove his innocence, the controversial actor accepted the invitation of Dmitry Shepelev and became a member of his new show “really”.

The essence of the program is that the celebrities are tested on the lie detector, while the provocative questions. However, shooting the show, according to Panin, was arrested by six and a half hours through the fault of Julia.

“It was removed from the flight at the airport “Pulkovo” due to the fact that Julia was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. After a visit to Moscow, six hours pumped drug treatment. Udintsev knew that flies to Moscow to meet with the child and prove to everyone how bad I am, but that didn’t stop her”, – said Alexey.

The long delay did not prevent the actor and his ex-wife to undergo polygraph test. Panin noted that all their responses are clearly recorded, and the lie detector failed to establish the illegality of the numerous allegations of Yulia Yudintseva against the father of her daughter.

“She has proven and shown that everything written about me over the years was a lie,” says the actor.

Now eight-year-old niusia lives with her father in Moscow, but Julia Udintsev not leave attempts to achieve sole custody. The actor has repeatedly stressed that utmost care daughter, trying to give her a good education and upbringing.

Recently Alex was able to capture the conversation with the daughter of the mother on the phone. Judging by the facial expression of nyusi, bothers her chat with Yulia, and she does not believe in the sincerity of her tender words. Panin noted that a parent was late with touching interviews for eight years, and now Udintseva will be difficult to Woo the heiress.

Daughter of Alexei Panin publicly ridiculed the mother

However, among fans of the actor there were also those who came to the defense of Julia. “This video is a mockery of the feelings of the mother,” “He just wants to annoy his ex-wife via child”, wrote the indignant subscribers in the comments to the video.

Despite the strained relationship with his mother, the heir Alexei was able to find a common language with his new lover. In an interview with “StarHit” Panin said that the NUS has quickly made friends with his girlfriend Olga, and now they live in the apartment of the actor. Alexey Panin has lodged a new lover at home