Chief editor of the program “the View” brutally beaten in Moscow

Шеф-редактор программы «Взгляд» жестоко избита в Москве Lyudmila Moseyko, was hospitalized with serious injuries and fractures. For a woman, to intercede for the Concierge, right in the stairwell was attacked by her neighbor. Fellow journalists, the creators of the popular 90-ies of the transmission, are appalled at how the investigation of this incident.
Шеф-редактор программы «Взгляд» жестоко избита в Москве

Well-known journalist Dmitry Zakharov, which was one of the originators of one of the most popular programs on Russian TV – “the View”, said on his page on “Facebook” a shocking story.

Not so long ago was brutally beaten by the chief editor transfer Lyudmila Moseyko. The attack on the woman was committed in the doorway of her house.

Шеф-редактор программы «Взгляд» жестоко избита в Москве“Lyudmila Moseyko, who was the chief editor of our teams “Look” (Leaves, Lyubimov and I) stood up for the Concierge at the entrance, which was beaten by her neighbour. She only managed to call out his name, “Misha!” She woke up in the intensive care unit of the Sklifosovsky. Two broken jaw, a broken nose, fractured temporal bone, a broken collar bone. Other injuries do not say – the list can be long. In the end, not at first occurred nothing. Sadistic and a moral monster name is Michael Pisochyn. He was released under recognizance not to leave”, – wrote in the microblog former host of “the View” Dmitry Zakharov.
Шеф-редактор программы «Взгляд» жестоко избита в Москве

The famous journalist made clear that he was unhappy with not only the progress of the investigation. A lot of questions from Dmitry Veniaminovich causes the article, in which the attacker prosecuted. Zakharov believes that it is too mild, considering what a serious injury the assailant struck Lyudmila Moseyko.

“Incriminated 112 th article – the beating of average weight, – continues his post Dmitry Zakharov. – Today I talked with a survivor of the attack punks. He also broke the head, but in his case, the villain gave the 111-th article – serious bodily injury”.

Шеф-редактор программы «Взгляд» жестоко избита в Москве

In the comments Zakharov added that he had to hire security for Ludmila Moseyko, as released, the attacker began to persecute the woman. “Whether to force to take a statement, whether of money to offer. Who knows – says Dmitry Zakharov. – The most vile, that from a normal home she moved to my mother’s “Khrushchev,” not to see this face. Sister Mila, said that when he dragged Mila by the hair up the stairs and kicked kicked in the head, smiling like a child given a Lollipop.”

From the day of the attack on Lyudmila Moseyko, it’s been two months, but the former chief editor of “Vzglyad” still not recovered from injury. “She can’t raise a hand, where he broke his collar bone – the pain of hell. Poorly fused nose, and a fracture of the temporal bone, which is fused, qualify as injury. Only from this “injury” under her skin felt the sharp edge of the bone. Apparently the wife of this monster puts the money where only it is possible” – makes the assumption Dmitry Zakharov.

The former host of “the View” determined, he declared his intention to blow this thing wide open. In October of this year the First channel will be released the commemorative edition of “View”, devoted to 30-anniversary of the transfer. During Dmitry Zakharov is preparing to tell about the investigation of the beating Ludmila Moseyko.

“At the time we lost Vlad Listyev. On the eve of the anniversary, beaten half to death the chief editor of the program. Our law enforcement agencies apparently want to meet adequately the anniversary of the program, giving the offender with impunity to go free. I think the country should know its heroes, and in the October anniversary issue, we will call them by name. Listyev’s murder never solved, but the impunity of the perpetrator for the beating of the editor of the programme – apparently, holiday gift from prosecutors and judicial staff “Glance”, – concluded Dmitry Zakharov.