Дочь Асмус и Харламова растет копией мамы The actress posted a photo and a funny video involving a three year old little girl. The young woman ceased to hide the face of the heiress. Fans were quick to note that the three-year Anastasia is similar to Christina’s.
Дочь Асмус и Харламова растет копией мамы

Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov jealously guarded personal life. Until recently, the celebrity couple chose to hide the face of the only daughter from fans. But Saturday, the actress still shared with the girls straight from Disneyland. Fans noted that Nastya looks satisfied and happy. Not lost on fans and the striking resemblance of the baby with the mother.

“What a beauty, very similar to you”, “Such a sweet girl, unworthy of the sun”, “it seems to me that the baby inherited his father,” commented on a photo of Christina followers in Instagram.

Earlier star mom posted a video with Nastya. It baby was captured along with his father, Garik Kharlamov. Nastya looks with interest at everything around and let funny comments and a caring dad is a girl by the hand, and attentively listens to her. Fans impressed with what tenderness comedian treats her daughter. They believe that the character of the showman has changed, and all thanks to fatherhood.

Compliments deserve and outfit Anastasia. Pictures and videos depicted a girl in a beige jumpsuit with a small figure in a funny yellow shoes.

Recall that Kristina Asmus married Garik Kharlamov in 2013, and after a few months, the actress wife gave daughter. Nastya was the first born for both parents.

After the birth of baby Christine became less likely to appear in the movie, but continued to play in the theater. Now, the young woman often shared on Instagram working moments, but he spends his free time raising her daughter. However, while Asmus is in no hurry to tell fans about the progress and achievements of Nastia.

Despite the fact that the celebrity couple is trying to advertise the details of their personal life, fans Garik and Christina are sure that they are wonderful, caring parents.

By the way, recently Kharlamov and Asmus noted the importance of the event: the fifth anniversary of the relations. The actress posted a video in which the husband congratulated her on the remarkable date right during the next performance. Such a romantic gesture touched herself as Christina, and her many fans.