Дмитрий Шепелев каждый день говорит сыну о маме TV presenter admitted that constantly reminisces about Jeanne Friske. Little Plato knows that his mom is always there. Dmitry Shepelev has a son in the measure strictly, dress to your liking and develops his intelligence.

      Дмитрий Шепелев каждый день говорит сыну о маме

      After he left the life of the famous singer Zhanna Friske, her civil husband Dmitry Shepelev never talked to journalists about how to increase their total son Platon. Recently the boy was three years old, and the presenter decided to tell about the life of the kid who at such an early age lost his mother.

      Dmitry lives with Plato in Moscow. Father and son often take a walk through the city center, relax in the parks, attend children’s entertainment – circuses, concerts. TV presenter helps to keep house sitter. She prepares meals for both family members. Moreover, the menu is tailored to Plato, and Dmitry is content the same as preparing for the baby. Diet menus really like the on-air talent. Occasionally dad and son out to public places and allow yourself to sweet desserts.

      “An interesting coincidence: recently my son and I had dinner in the cafe, where I had often been with Jeanne. And for dessert from a variety of options he chose carrot cake. Enjoy, ask. – Very! – Did you really like? – Yes! So, not knowing, he chose Jeanne’s favorite dessert in this cafe. Of course, I told him about it”, – said Dmitry.
      Дмитрий Шепелев каждый день говорит сыну о маме

      It is noteworthy that about mom kid knows everything. Home Shepeleva are pictures of Zhanna Friske and in conversations with his son mentions a lead singer every day. According to Dmitry, he spent a lot of time in conversations with child psychologists he consulted on this delicate subject.

      “The bottom line I can tell the main thing – I talk to Plato about the mom every day about her habits, about her favorite places, about our life before his appearance, in short, about everything. Together we chose the photos of Joan, who now stand in our apartment. I want my son to know that he has a mom, she is near and will never leave. And for birthdays and other holidays I always say: “my mother and I congratulate you…,” admitted the leader.
      Дмитрий Шепелев каждый день говорит сыну о маме

      Interestingly, Shepelev always reads fairytales to your child before bedtime. Sometimes, as Plato himself tells it to the Pope what he liked best. Leading includes his successor to classical music, so he used to the art. But the TV they was watching. Dmitry moderately strict with the boy, according to what he said in an interview with the magazine “Grazia”. Three-year-old Plato does not pertain to those children who are allowed everything.

      “At home taboo on TV and gadgets. That is, they are from time to time used, but very moderately. Watch cartoon for lunch or to get sucked into the game in the phone is deleted. I think Plato is watching TV not more than an hour a week,” said Shepelev.

      Spoil the child, says Dmitry, can only inability to love him. Although in this statement he is not quite sure. As an example, Shepelev lead the family of Jeanne Friske.

      “When the mother of Plato was little, one time she literally lived in the kindergarten extended-day or two living and healthy parents have taken her home just for the weekend. And the rest of the week, five nights in a row, she walked in the garden alone. It would seem that this could be? But up in a pile of manure a beautiful flower. So go figure that spoil the child and what is not”, – said the presenter.

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