О Шаляпине и Калашниковой заговорили мировые СМИ The artist has published a screenshot of a Japanese TV channel, where he discussed his with his former sweetheart. Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin a few weeks before the wedding, canceled the celebration. It turned out that the graduate of “factory of stars” not the biological father of the son model. Apparently, this story has stirred up not only the Russian audience, but also foreign viewers.

      О Шаляпине и Калашниковой заговорили мировые СМИ

      May 24 was to be held a Grand wedding Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin. Young people for some months, began to plan the celebration – has thought of everything to make the occasion, choosing outfits, and also prepared surprises for the guests. However, a lush marriage never took place. Just a few weeks before the main day in the life of Anna and Prokhor in the program “Let them talk” was opened shocking truth. It turned out that Chaliapin is not the biological father of one-year-old son Daniel Kalashnikova.

      Son Kalashnikova was not born from Chaliapin

      This news could not leave indifferent the public. For a long time a huge number of fans of the star couple discussed the results of the DNA test and was wondering who is actually a dad to a little boy. Kalashnikov denied the reliability of the examination and believed that all this is nothing more than a provocation. Apparently, the conflict between Prokhorov and Anna touched the hearts of not only Russians, but also many other people abroad. Chaliapin published a picture of the TV screen a foreign TV channel, where he talked about him and his former lover. However, to understand what exactly was going on, Prokhor failed, since everything was in Japanese.

      О Шаляпине и Калашниковой заговорили мировые СМИ

      “TV Japan. I wonder what there is a speech?” asked Chaliapin his fans who may have a more profound knowledge of Oriental languages.

      Subscribers have started to build their assumptions about what can discuss Japanese media. They felt that, most likely, discussed recent high-profile breakup of Anna and Prochorus. “Judging by the lightning campaign they say about the breakup”, “the Wedding is off, Anna hoped to the last that u will forgive her. Anna recently claimed that the DNA results are fake, and now are ready to tell who the boy’s father! Here is the translation,” their interpretation of the fans of the couple.

      Kalashnikov still can not accept the cancellation of the wedding. She hoped that only time could help her to get over a breakup with a lover. Anna tries to cope with the cruel blow of fate.

      “This is a nightmare, – said “StarHit” Kalashnikov. The first time I couldn’t eat, sleep. Now I just feel hurt, worried about his son because he suffers the most. Danya’s father was, and now… he’s gone. Many insult me, but how can you judge without understanding? I will say one thing: I believe, soon everyone will know the truth. Friends Chaliapin even more turning us against each other. He is emotional, he lashed out, but soon come to their senses. Prokhorov on tour, we stay in touch. About the wedding can not say anything – everything depends on it. The celebration is ready, I hope for the best. Accept any decision, because I respect Prochorus, love and appreciate. This person is important, as long as he was around.”

      But Prokhorov after a breakup is quite often seen in the company of beautiful women. He shares his photos, which looks quite carefree and joyful.

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