Дмитрию Шепелеву прочат новое место на ТВ The man may be leading the Saturday show “Tonight”, the team which returns from summer vacation in late August. This was reported by Stanislav Sadalsky. Previously, the Network discussed the candidacy of Yulia Menshovoj, put a point in “Alone with all”.
Дмитрию Шепелеву прочат новое место на ТВ

The new TV season in absentia referred to as one of the most controversial and revolutionary of Russian TV. Andrey Malakhov was out of the First channel “Russia 1” to engage the author’s show, the announcement of which has already been broadcast. The place of the journalist took Dmitry Borisov, and the other popular project – “Tonight” – that question about his fate remains open.

Rumor has it that the broadcast of the Saturday entertainment shows, viewers will see Yulia Menshova, and recently Stanislav Sadalsky has named a new successor of Andrei Malakhov. The actor has declassified the date of commencement of work on the program and lifted the veil of secrecy over who sees Konstantin Ernst.

“On August 30 on the first channel will go a new record “Saturday night”. And will air, as you wish L. K. (we are Talking about Konstantin Lvovich Ernst – Note). Wanted a place to take Malakhova Yulia Menshova, but… Flying with plywood – alone with all. Until a terrible secret, who will be leading Saturday. But I tell you what… most Likely leaning towards K. L. Shepeleva,” says the man.

Dmitry has not yet commented on the information about his proposed new appointment. Instead, the TV presenter decided to support a former colleague Andrey Malakhov who change their place of work. Shepelev posted an archive shot taken in the scenery of “Let them talk”.

“This humorous photo was taken two years ago in the hardware for the pilot edition of “About love”. Later she was led Sofiko Shevardnadze and Cord. (…) Another free Studio then was not. The picture was done without intent. So, for shits and giggles. No one then could not imagine how spun television affair with Andrey Malakhov. And no matter how developed the career of Andrew in the future, I want to thank him for his kindness to my family and wish you strength – he took a very difficult decision”, – shared the leading.

We will remind that Dmitry Shepelev became the leading new show “really”, in which the characters check on the lie detector. Stanislav Sadalsky has criticized the program. The artist does not stint on the negative words in relation to the project. “Disgusting aftertaste from the transfer…” – wrote man in the “Live Journal”.

As for Yulia Menshovoj, after the closing “Alone with all” it will continue to work on the First channel. According to the press service broadcaster, currently developed two new projects with the participation of leading.

Andrey Malakhov has written an open letter to Konstantin Ernst and all his former colleagues from the First channel, with whom he worked for over two decades. The presenter said that goes on “Russia 1” to “program Andrey Malakhov. Live”, to do a Saturday show and other projects. An open letter to Konstantin Ernst and all those with whom I am 25 years working on “the First channel”