Анастасия Волочкова готовится к свадьбе с бизнесменом!
“Expensive-rich”: the marriage of ballerina promises to be luxurious.


Photo: Instagram

end the tour Anastasia Volochkova in the Crimea. After the show in Feodosiya
famous ballerina has received a proposal of marriage from a representative
men, with whom, as it turned out, Nastya familiar not the first year. Patient
boyfriend was a businessman — a wealthy, influential and endlessly

“It was
insanely touching and beautiful. You know, I have said many times: for me it’s not
beautiful words, or the volume name and deeds. This man has committed
for me an incredible feat: he dropped everything and flew to the Crimea especially for
in order to watch my performances” — said Volochkova.

As it became
known 7days.ru the groom
Anastasia — the “big man” in the business, he owns several hotels.
The man is older than the famous dancer for two years (he is 43) and she officially
never been married.

“I asked
give me some time, — said Volochkova. —Such decisions in one day
accepted. Moreover, his proposal caught me by surprise. To
so I was totally unprepared.

A positive answer to the suitor, as it became known,
ballerina gave in Moscow. Anastasia announced that the upcoming celebration will be even
more ambitious in scope than her first wedding — Igor Vdovin.