Dmitry Shepelev decided on the future son

Дмитрий Шепелев определился с будущим сына
TV presenter wants to give Plato in hockey.

Photo: Instagram

For more than two years Dmitry Shepelev one brings up his son Platon. He took the boy from his mother Zhanna Friske shortly before her death, the boy has not touched the feelings of the family of the singer. Despite the constant gossip and judicial squabbles, Dmitry was a great father.

He doesn’t go to secular parties, works a lot, and all his spare time with Plato. The boy grows bright, and, according to insiders, more Mature than kids his age. All because Shepelev was constantly reading him books, playing educational games and communicating with his young son on an equal footing.

Recently Shepelev noticed that the boy really like team sports, and was taking him to a hockey game. Plato was so impressed that they decided to give it in the hockey section. For the son Friske custom even made a special t-shirt with the words “Plato” and a sequence number of “4”. However, in it, he mainly goes with dad to the big stadiums to cheer on our famous hockey players.

“The beginning?” — signed photo of Plato Dmitry, for which he spellbound watching the game.

Shepelev does not doubt that the boy has a great future. Why not in hockey?