Скарлетт Йоханссон уже съехалась со своим новым бойфрендом
Colin Jost. managed to make friends with the daughter of the actress.

Скарлетт Йоханссон уже съехалась со своим новым бойфрендом

Scarlett Johansson


Colin Jost.


The novel is Scarlett Johansson with the actor and TV presenter
Colin Rostom develops at breakneck speed. I first saw them I
together only in March of this year
at the party of the TV show Saturday Night Live, and recently became
it is known that Scarlett and Zhost are already living together. Paparazzi managed to detect
the time when the truck pulling up to the house of the actress in new York, began
unload and bring inside things Colin.

As claimed girlfriend Scarlett, the actress who
has not yet completed divorce proceedings with her second husband, Romain
Duracom, it’s not so fast to have a meaningful relationship. However, she was fond of Colin, what
the opinion of a friend of the actress, completely lost his head. And when Zhost made
with the idea to move into her house, Johansson agreed. Moreover, as
it is reported, Scarlett allows him to spend a lot of time with his daughter from
Doriana — 2-year-old rose.

Incidentally, it is likely that this decision
will cost her dearly. After all, the Roman and this was determined to sue the daughter in
the couple, claiming she was too busy with his career and she has no time
to engage the child. And now he is outraged that Scarlett allows “anyone
got to” communicate with his young daughter and try to turn this fact to
the argument in its favor in the battle for the