Dmitry Nagiyev: “I’m not very fond of children and animals”

Дмитрий Нагиев: «Я не очень люблю детей и животных»
The actor spoke about the perfect New year.

Dmitriy Nagiev

New year’s eve audience of STS will meet in the company of popular
artists — Valery Meladze Glitch”‘ozy, Tree, Alexander Revva, Nyusha, Soso Pavliashvili, Sergei Shnurov, Irina Dubtsova, Sergei Zhukov, Stas Kostyushkin —
and members of their families. In the story, colorful show “New year, kids and all-all-all!”
the famous showman Dmitry Nagiyev takes to organize a holiday in new ways. For
fresh ideas, he turns to the one on 31 December “unfairly” stack
to bed early, to children. They become writers, Directors and
actors most awaited holiday of the year. The actor shared details of his
participate in the filming.

— Dmitry, what channel
STS will surprise the audience in the New year?

STS put his heart and soul, the money, the brains of the authors below
to write a good Christmas parable without politics, without boring individuals (now think
how did I get here?). According to the scenario, someone at the top, and much higher than you
now thought, called and said (not me, of course, the hero, because I
nothing to do this pontovity, arrogant people do not have): “Enough to drive
show-off, let’s celebrate the New year with children, bring joy to all.” And here’s a hero
brings joy, very inexpensive. Already the eighth or tenth hour wait for the soup
carry, sorry, took…

Viewers accustomed
to see you in such a brutal manner, and then you and kindergarten. As you
work with young artists?

Is inflamed
fantasy writers, inspired, apparently, by the fact that in some programs I
communicate with children. And once I have there well, now, maybe I have
always to communicate with them. I love animals and children, but they all
always hovering around me. A rock of mine.

— And you the perfect
New year, what is it?

— A perfect New year over the years, probably 16 when
the whole family was gathered around the table when cooked and washed, it’s disgusting not me, but my
narrow environment – mother, grandmother… Then began the harsh everyday life and I don’t remember
more, sad to say, a perfect New year. Of course, I have it
in dreams, when everyone gathers around the table — wives, mistresses, children from different
women, and all the running around. And I sleep in the next room. This was not,
but I hope I will come to this and will be able to afford not to work in the new year

For example, today you
starred in pajamas and Slippers on the couch under a cozy blanket – you can call like this
New year’s at least similar to the ideal?

— Wonderful! I
pajamas and Slippers, turn on the TV, there I am on several channels – the dream
idiot! I would eat from the common trough “Olivier” salad, washed down with sweet champagne — as
I don’t drink, it’s important for me to juice it seemed.

— How do you usually
is your preparation for the New year?

— It’s awful! Thank God, I don’t do products. But I
have to think what to give. This is the first Duma. When you figure out what to give,
thinking about how to get to the store. If I go down the street in a scarf, and it
justified, then, when I go to the supermarket, and there is +28, and I’m going to scarf it
looks stupid. Therefore, there is a whole string of problems
that need to be addressed. In General, I love to give gifts, much more
than to receive them.