Anfisa Chekhov and Catherine Barnabas got a job in “the eagle and tails”

Анфиса Чехова и Екатерина Варнава получили работу в «Орле и решке» The star became the leading popular travel show. In mid-December viewers of the channel “Friday!” will travel together with Anfisa Chekhova, Ekaterina Barnabas and Mikhail Bashkatov. Celebrities will risk their usual comfortable stay.
Анфиса Чехова и Екатерина Варнава получили работу в «Орле и решке»

14 Dec on channel “Friday!” will start showing the new season of “the eagle and Reshka”. Throughout the program viewers are lots of surprises. To transmit will not only Alan Badoev, Maria Ivanova, Kolya Serga, but the stars of show business. One of them came Anfisa Chekhov, Mikhail Bashkatov and Catherine Barnabas.

It is expected that new editions of experienced travelers will throw a coin together with celebrities, for whom participation in the program will be an interesting experiment. As it became known to journalists, artists gladly coped with their tasks, going to other countries.

Reincarnation: some artists will be a complete surprise to their fans. So, Catherine Barnabas brought to fans without any makeup on. To travel the world with a team of travel-show, star Comedy Woman chose comfortable clothes – jeans and a sweatshirt. In this form, Barnabas managed to charm their colleagues.

In each series the trip will be sent a new pair of presenters, who may be only a hundred dollars. Travelers will stay overnight in hostels, stalls with street food and Hiking to local attractions. The audience will see, you’d get if the stars of show business, choosing a comfortable stay, such conditions.

Recall that in the new season of the TV show “heads and tails” left Regina todorenko. Leading worked in the project for four years. Before leaving the program, leading Regina wrote an appeal to the audience, explaining the reasons for his action and thanked colleagues for their time spent together.

“Almost all these four years I was at home. I saw my nephew growing up, did not see how old my parents are. I missed so many birthdays of family members, friends, gatherings which were limited to minutes of meetings, most of which took place over the phone. The more the travel the more I started to miss my family. Now I try to appreciate every minute spent with them”, – shared she.

According to Todorenko, she was very sad to leave my job. At the same time, the star of travel show noted that “there is so much new thing to try”. Regina admitted that she wants to study at the American Academy and to receive an award abroad, to launch their own project, and also to get married and have children.