Dmitry Nagiyev approached the brother after the mom died

Дмитрий Нагиев сблизился с братом после смерти мамы The actor began to communicate more with family man. Dmitry Nagiev tries to find the strength to go on after the death of the mother. Celebrity still remembers all mom’s tips and believes that she taught him how to be a real man.

      Дмитрий Нагиев сблизился с братом после смерти мамы

      In October last year, the popular actor and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev lost the closest person. From his mother Ludmila Zakharovna. The news about the tragedy he announced during filming of “the Voice”. Despite this, he never left the set, and only after the work took off in St. Petersburg.

      Dmitry told how he had experienced the death of a loved one. The mount rallied the whole family even stronger. Dmitry also has a brother Eugene. After the tragic nursing mothers men were more likely to see each other and communicate with each other.

      “He realized that I was the dearest person for him. And for me, it has occupied a niche mom. It turned out that he was a wise man. Began to give advice, see his mother’s intonations,” says Dmitry.

      The brothers tried to support my father after my mother’s death. However, over time they became less and less calling him. “Always not enough one day to say something important to a loved one. And don’t blame and accuse. It is necessary to find forces to live further”, – said the TV presenter.

      As noted by the relatives of Dmitry, his relationship with Lyudmila Zakharovna were very warm. He was considered rather a caring son. In the summer of 2013, when Nagiyev starred in one of the series, his colleagues were amazed at the news that each night after the shooting, the actor flew to St. Petersburg to spend a few hours with mother, and then returned to Moscow.

      Very often the care person in his family has a sense of guilt. This is especially true of those who devotes a lot of time working, sacrificing contact with their loved ones. But, nevertheless, the TV presenter believes that if we could turn back time, he would communicate with his mother exactly the same as when she was alive. Nagiev admits that she always gave him very valuable advice, which he still remembers and tries to stick to. In addition, Ludmila Z. tried to instill Dmitry respect for women.

      “I was 17 when my mom said, “First make the person next to you was good — in communication, in bed, everywhere. And then think about yourself”. And I try to follow. The same good advice have been on the job. I pretended that I was out of it, but then realized that she was right. This does not mean that the Pope gave less. But my mom gave a lot,” recalled the actor in an interview with “TV guide”.

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