Strizhenov has shared a very personal revelations

Стриженовы поделились очень личными откровениями
Eldest daughter of Alexander and Catherine was 28 years old.

Стриженовы поделились очень личными откровениями

Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov with the eldest daughter Nastya

Photo: @strizhenovae (Instagram Catherine Strizhenovoj)

Married very young, Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov very early became parents. Each spouse only forty years old, and their eldest, Anastasia turned 28. Youngest daughter Stroganovyh — Alexander is only fifteen, but the girl is already tipped as a future model.

“She is my love, my joy, my pride and joy had once been such, and today she’s 28! The adult daughter of the young man…” — shared a photo of the eldest daughter from the family archive of the famous father. “28 years ago we became parents, was born our first daughter Nastya! The mind is completely turned over, we realized why we live and work, what love and responsibility! We became a family!” — said Ekaterina Strizhenova.

Did not hide his emotions on the day of birth itself Anastasia. “Cut the cord failed, and, turning to the parents, keeping in mind that the relationship with them remains as close as ever. Thank you, for giving me life and Sasha. Thanks for brought up in love. Thank you still bring love. Thank you that even when far from feeling that close! Generally, when a personal can’t write and can’t talk, I keep everything inside, you all already know.”

Ekaterina Strizhenova says that her husband is the best dad ever. “When she was little, her dad swaddled, bathed, drove in
art school, went to parent-teacher meetings. And Alexander generally
“gave birth” with me. He never misses Schenking performances by
rhythmic gymnastics, because he knows — for my daughter it is very important. This
the relationship between the daughters and the father should not be underestimated. After all, the girls know that in their life
the man who always stand up for them. It is very important to have that support,” said Catherine.

Ekaterina Strizhenova with her eldest daughter Nastya

Photo: @strizhenovae (Instagram Catherine Strizhenovoj)

In 2013, Anastasia was married to financier Peter Grishchenko, whom he met while studying in the United States. Married young in the temple of the blessed virgin Mary near Odintsovo, where once entered into your marriage before heaven Nastia’s parents. Wedding dress for the bride sewed her aunt — a famous designer Victoria Andrejanova.

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