Dmitry Naghiyev spoke about the relationship with Olga Buzova

Дмитрий Нагиев заговорил об отношениях с Ольгой Бузовой He explained that his connection to the presenter. Nagiyev was very supportive of Buzova, when she was having problems in family life. Many netizens felt that between the stars sparked romance. Dmitry decided to reveal all the details.

      TV presenter Olga Buzova and actor Dmitry Nagiyev often crossed paths on the set, as both are involved in the projects of channel TNT. At the beginning of December was published the correspondence between the celebrity, after reading that, fans concluded that the stars share much more than friendship.

      Judging by the details of correspondence, Nagiyev was supported by the Olga, when she experienced difficulties in relations with spouse. However, Dmitry was addressed to Olga in his usual playful manner, which caused the talk about the intimate relations of actor and TV presenter. Nagiev tired of the rumors in his address, so I decided to explain to the journalists how actually things are.

      “At the moment when Olga and her husband was divorce, I think I helped her. Me Fig a psychologist, I am in that age when you see bad — better to touch. Today Olya is located in warm friendly relations. I wouldn’t cheat and call our relationship something more than they really are. And at the same time would not detract from them,” said the star of the series “Fizruk”.

      Recall that in December last year Olga Buzova divorced with her husband Dmitry Tarasov. The TV reality show “Dom-2” has repeatedly hinted that the cause of the family dysfunction could be another woman. “If someone has family problems, my table with the number four, so on on. If I remember correctly, and I periodically modifies not only the memory…” – as Buzova made a joke at one of the events, which she kept after separation from her husband.

      Friends and colleagues strongly supported the star in a difficult period. Nagiev admitted that Olga is absolutely not such what it sees the audience.

      “We need to recognize that much of Olga Buzova is a way, although, of course, the cockroaches in her head continue to feast,” shared the actor.

      Olga herself told in an interview that after the publication of the correspondence and scandal of the divorce, she decided to talk less about his personal life in social networks. Lately His focus on work. She recorded a second song, and was cast in the theatrical production, “playing for keeps”. Olga Buzova crossed a famous actress

      “Now I realize that finding yourself is only the beginning. Most importantly, do not lose yourself. This to me will not happen”, – says Olga.