Margarita Mitrofanova explained why still not married

Маргарита Митрофанова объяснила, почему до сих пор не замужем Well-known radio personality admitted, how are its relations with the civil husband. Rita lives together with cameraman Peter Bratersky about 10 years, but never decided to formalize the marriage.

      Radio host Margarita Mitrofanova, remembered by many listeners on the air on “Max” with a daughter, Pauline, and lives with the girl’s father Peter Bratersky about ten years. However, the star and her husband still did not go to the registry office to officially register the marriage. Mitrofanova said in the Studio of the program “Alone with all” why they have formed such relationships.

      “For 10 years I repeatedly asked: “will you marry me?” Only once I heard, “Maybe.” Caught. He told me that once married, once divorced. There is a belief that when people have each other right, have the General duties, it affects the relationship. So he’s my fiancé,” admitted Mitrofanov.

      Margaret says that in their family Patriarchy, so Peter is home. She tries to fulfill all wifely duties: spend a lot of time with the baby, cook, do all the housework. However, according to radio host, she did not managed to learn how to properly cook.

      “My people never give me a scandal: there is no food at home! No – boil pasta. Always have some canned food or chips. Therefore, we have common interests, love,” – said Mitrofanov.

      Admitted as Rita in the television show, it hooked the husband of mind. However, star believes that, until the woman cleaned up, it has little chance to find love. “I realized that femininity is encouraged. Appearance means something. My friend and I decided to decorate herself, we did liposuction, both of you. Then they come into form… And the guy showed up, Yes,” said the radio host.

      Some time ago, Rita and her husband Pete had to face a serious challenge. Britanskomu was diagnosed with cancer, but he was able to overcome the disease. Then leading became a donor and began to advise people to promptly contact their doctor to know everything about the condition. Mitrofanov, member of the organization “Movement against cancer”.