Dmitry Maryanov admitted arguing with his wife

Дмитрий Марьянов признался в ссорах с супругой The actor does not believe in the existence of perfect families. Dmitry Maryanov did not hide the fact that between him and his wife Xenia conflicts. However, often they have time to solve all the misunderstandings.

      Дмитрий Марьянов признался в ссорах с супругой

      Last year actor Dmitry Maryanov married his beloved Ksenia, after three years of marriage. Despite the fact that the couple are happy with each other, the actor admits that their family is not always possible to avoid conflicts. However, the Maryanov believes that there are no pairs between which does not break out periodically would quarrel. According to Dmitry, Ksenia, they might fight even over small things, but nevertheless know when to stop.

      “Perfect for our family. We, like all normal people, it happens. If someone says he has the perfect family, you have to think. Probably lying! We Ksenia sometimes we quarrel. Recently, for example, went and imagined what would happen if Moscow is nobody left and the city is attacked by zombies. Began to think where to hide. Because of this fighting. Ksenia said that to hide you need in one place, I insisted on another. I think it’s better to go to the store where they sell guns. It is believed that it is meaningless. In General, they began to speak in a raised voice. But stopped in time” – confessed artist.

      The wife of Dmitry Marjanova Ksenia younger than his 17 years. Despite the age difference, they look like a harmonious pair. However, the young woman did not share the Hobbies of a spouse extreme. Dmitry loves motorcycles and can’t imagine life without a fast ride. Xenia, on the contrary, prefers a more safe way to travel, but because rarely is the company husband. In spite of all the entreaties of relatives, Maryanov cannot abandon his addiction.

      “Last year I bought a new motorcycle. Long ride and as a rider with experience I can say that our roads are much better. Although, of course, questions still remain. When I pulled the bike out of the salon and the first time I went, the night flew into the hole so that I bounced off the lid to protect the battery. She pokorylas – was pathetic. The more I said it’s not a safety option. Family, of course, dissuade me from my passion, survive. Wife, when we went to wash my bike ayran, sat down with me. But on the way back walked. “There is no back. One bad move and I will fall! she said to me. – Go by yourself!” I had to go to one,” reminiscing Dmitry in an interview with journalists of the newspaper “Interlocutor”.