Victoria Bonia left Monaco after the statement about breaking up with a millionaire

Виктория Боня покинула Монако после заявления о разрыве с миллионером The reality star spends time with a friend. Victoria Bonia went to Spain. Fans still can’t believe what the media personality broke up with her civil husband Alex Servicom.

      Recently Victoria Bonia admitted that for several months, lives with her civil husband Alex Servicom. She did not want to wash dirty linen in public, but still decided to tell fans about the family situation. Now Bonia decided to go on a short trip to Spain with his girlfriend. Apparently, they are all having a great time, and microblog Victoria is regularly updated with colorful photos.

      “Now, perhaps, the most wonderful time in Marbella. No people, warm, beautiful and calm,” wrote Victoria in the social network.

      Fans are happy that Victoria does not suffer alone after a breakup with her civil husband, and continues to lead an active lifestyle – to work and travel. However, fans still can’t believe what a beautiful couple Bonnie and Smurfit collapsed. Now fans hope that Victoria will be back, finally, from Monaco to live in Russia. “Victoria is a victory. Freed. You are in Moscow more than necessary. Now, it all begins: a new business, a new house, with daughters to a new school! You have youth, health, popularity, and beauty. The rest will buy it soon. The groom too quickly there. We must live in the home. Walked there and that’s enough, sweetheart. Love”, “Bonechka, beautiful. I’m sure you’ll meet a man who will be your support and care. Sometimes the man leaves, to make room for another. Great love, patience and health doch”, “Vick, let him go from your heart. You are the best worthy! He let tusit, and you all will be super!” – wrote indifferent followers.

      Despite the fact that fans are worried for Victoria, the reality star is not offended by his common-law spouse. She said that love with a civilian spouse developed into a friendship, and now they maintain a great relationship. Victoria Bonia parted with the civil husband

      “I have to say, our parting does not move any fights or infidelity or family problems. We want to say about this once. It is not a spontaneous decision, we came to him six months ago. Today we have a great relationship, we talk on the phone every day, share experiences, spend time with the child. We remain close to each other people, because we are bound by our beautiful daughter – our General happiness and many warm memories”, – admitted Bonya.