Дмитрий Маликов спел о допинге в Рио

The singer dedicated a song to the Russian athletes at the 2016 Olympics

Game in Brazil is in full swing. Our athletes have brought in the General coin box several gold, silver and bronze medals and the team standings are one of the top lines. And this despite the hassle associated with doping scandal, pressure from rivals and spectators. Russian fans support the national team, as a talent. Anastasia Volochkova, for example, dedicated to our athletes is one of his signature splits. And Dmitry Malikov wrote a song about dedicated athletes from Russia.

The fruits of your inspiration, Dmitriy shared in social networks. Under the hashtag #RUSSIAWERE the singer put a video to her own accompaniment performs a new composition. The song is quite Patriotic and optimistic.

In Rio our are not allowed

And closed the door

But victory will still be

Worst WAD you believe me”, – reads the first line of the song. Dmitry is sure that without doping, we are able to defeat opponents in all competitions at the expense of the spirit and the will to win.

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Video posted by Dmitry Malikov (@dmitriy_malikov) Aug 8 2016 2:02 PDT

Within a couple hours of video Malikov looked more than 10 000 people. The majority agreed with the opinion of the artist. “Just The Bomb!! Bravo!!! And are you Really going Through!!! Made Very Grateful and Noble cause!! Raise The Spirit!” “Dimon, you are as always, well done!! Thank you for the support!!”, “Russia, forward ! Dima thank you!!! With this support, Russia is not afraid of any Scandals!!”, – I commented on the video Network users.

Dmitry is not the only one who believes in the victory of our athletes, no matter what. Russian athletes have also supported our illustrious Olympic Champions and sports commentators.

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