Елена Исинбаева едет в Рио

The famous athlete will not be able to compete at the Olympic games, but will be a candidate in the Commission of the International Olympic Committee.

“August 14 fly to Rio,” wrote Yelena Isinbayeva on his page in Instagram. There’s also the Olympic champion explained, as the current sporsmenka to go to the Olympics you can’t, but as a candidate for the IOC athletes ‘ Commission are entitled.

On the eve of the last hope for an Olympic end of his sports career for the world record holder in pole vaulting collapsed. Of the Swiss Federal court where Yelena Isinbayeva has filed a lawsuit to appeal the decision to the CAS and about the possibility of provisional measures, the waiver came through. Meanwhile, these measures would allow the athlete to participate in the Olympic games. However, unfortunately most of Elena and her fans, the lawsuit was again dismissed. “Last hope to compete at the Olympics disappeared. My friends, again and again I Express gratitude for the support, faith and hope, for the petition and for the kind words in my address. And I may not be able to please you with their performance in Rio, the main victory has already taken place – your hearts with me! Very nice to know that we together share this injustice and chose to act than just to feel sorry for and sympathize with. Talking from the heart, thank you!” – thanked Yelena Isinbayeva all concerned Russians in social networks.

A few days earlier, the athlete wrote on his page about the reasons why the IAAF does not allow her to participate in the Olympic games in Rio.

“WADA And the IOC has no complaints to me. The IAAF also has a claim to me in the line of drugs I’m clean and honest and my whole career proof, the only problem which I was not allowed to compete in Rio – that’s what I the last 2 years live and train in Russia. God, this is absurd. That is, athletes from other countries train and live peacefully in their countries, and I had to leave my country, leave my family and from the coach, and then I would have had today the opportunity to compete at the Olympics – emotionally reacted to Elena. Darya Klishina will be in Rio, as it is 3 years lives and trains in America, and I’m not, so as to train in Russia.”

However, Yelena Isinbayeva until the last moment did not give up, give up the training and hope to compete at the Olympic games, ending his career on a high note and possibly a new world record. “If there’s even a chance to play in Rio, I want to use,” repeatedly said the athlete.

Now Rio is waiting for her in a new capacity, and in the future, Elena plans to spend more time with my family and think about a second child.

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