Dmitry Koldun first showed newborn daughter

Дмитрий Колдун впервые показал новорожденную дочку
The Belarusian singer has issued a joint picture with the baby.

Дмитрий Колдун впервые показал новорожденную дочку

Dmitry Koldun with his daughter Alice

Photo: @Instagram koldunmedia Dmitry Koldun

Dmitry Koldun for the first time
published a picture of a newborn daughter. The other day in the microblog singer appeared original
a group photo of Dmitry and his baby. “My daughter’s eyes dad’s happy!” —
signed by the Belarusian.

Despite the fact that the photograph
you can see only one eye only little Alice, most fans came to
the conclusion that the girl was exactly like his star dad. Fans were
pleasantly surprised that the little girl was passed down to the color of the eyes of the singer.

“Great! Daddy’s eyes, you
very similar. Happiness and good health!”, “And no DNA test needed!”, “Cutie,
the similarity of the eyes obviously! Daddy’s girl!” — commented on the fans.

Dmitry Koldun with his wife Victoria

Photo: @Instagram Victoria beetchpunk Sorcerer

Recall that almost a month ago, Dmitry became a father for the second time. Baby Alice was born at the home of singer — Minsk. This was partly done by the Belarusian in order not to involve his family too much attention. Dmitry and his wife Victoria already raising 3-year-old son Ian. However, the Sorcerer carefully hides the boy from the attention of the public and does not publish his photos in social networks.

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