Anna Khilkevich shy of his new tattoo

Анна Хилькевич стесняется своей новой татуировки
Sketch the actress was chosen by the fans.

Анна Хилькевич стесняется своей новой татуировки

Anna Khil’kevich in a tattoo parlor

Photo: @Instagram annakhilkevich Anna Khilkevich

Anna Khilkevich — proud
the owner of a new tattoo. Recently, the actress visited a tattoo parlor where she
stuffed original drawing — cute lion with glasses. However, to show the result
fans of Anna hesitate. It turned out that the tattoo is done in a very piquant
the site, which, according to Khil’kevich can only see her husband.

However, Anna herself from
the new tattoo was ecstatic. The actress managed to tell
fans that yet again soon plans to complete his collection of drawings on
body. By the way, choose the tattoo sketch that Lee appeared last
helped her fans.

The choice of tattoo sketch Anna Khilkevich

The actress gave in his microblog a small vote, presenting a choice of four images of a lion. As a result, the fans are almost unanimously chose the image of the king of animals in sunglasses. However, making comments and were among those who felt that Anne should not get tattoos, because recently she became a mother and now she has to pay more attention to their health. In December last year the actress first became a mother. Anna and her husband Arthur Volkova was born a girl called Arianna.

By the way, despite the status of the young moms, the actress is not sitting at home, and lead an active social life. At the may holidays Anna went on holiday to Spain. But recently Lee has performed as a guest star on the show “Improvisation” on TNT.

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