Dmitry Khrustalev fell in love with a stranger

Дмитрий Хрусталев влюбился в незнакомку The famous showman confessed his love to the girl whose photo he saw in the social network. He was able to find the blond beauty. She was Ukrainian actress Elena Turbal.

      Дмитрий Хрусталев влюбился в незнакомку

      The famous showman is looking for a new love. For a long time nothing was known about the events occurring in his personal life Khrustaleva. Looks like leading all the same decided to solve the mystery of the crystal admitted in his microblog that crazy about the girl whose photo he came across on the Network. However, the name of beauty, as admitted star, he was unknown.

      “Think I’m in love! No one knows how to find this girl?! It exists at all?”, – he wrote under the professional photo of a girl in an elegant red card with the neck, the face which is visible only from one side. However, even were such a course to subscribers was enough to know her as an actress Alena Turbul.

      She was a soap Opera actress, she also works in drama theatre “Bravo”. She starred in the films “don’t let go of me”, “This love”. Elena lives in Kiev, but very often in Russia, so it is likely that Dmitry Khrustalev soon personally see the object of his love.

      Four years ago a showman met with Catherine Barnabas. They met at a festival in Sochi, but became close when striking brunette began to work on the show Comedy Woman, who was Dmitri. The couple promptly began 2012, and six months later the lovers began to live together. Khrustalev even made an offer hands and hearts Barnabas, giving a luxurious ring. However, their Union was not destined to emerge, they broke up in July 2013. However, their romance grew into a very trusting relationship and friendship.

      In show business it’s not uncommon for stars getting to know each other on the Internet. For example, actress Christina Asmus and resident Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov not just crossed at work, but socialize and get to know each other better managed through a social network. The pair is now already three years happily married with a lovely daughter Anastasia.

      Actor Ivan Zhidkov also met my beloved through the Internet. Rumor has it that the young man saw a picture of his future half and immediately fell in love. Then he found the mysterious stranger, struillou his head, and they started Dating. The couple is still together.

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