73-year-old Harrison Ford almost got arrested for domestic violence

73-летнего Харрисона Форда чуть не арестовали за домашнее насилие

Old men-robbers….Who would have thought that 73-year-old actor, a veteran of Hollywood will be accused of wife beating. However, this is exactly what happened the other day.

Quite unexpectedly, the name of Harrison Ford appeared in a police database of California is labeled “domestic violence”. While fans of the stars of “Star wars” was suggested that could provoke Ford and he lashed out at his wife, the press found out that actually the charges are false.

As it turned out, the name of Harrison Ford got into the database due to the new police officer who trained on a computer simulator. Adding name and passport number in Ford’s base, the young officer when complete, just forgot to delete the data.

As noted in the police, the new employee had to fill out a form fictitious, but somehow did it by using the names of real people. Before the error was discovered, for the arrest of Ford had to issue a warrant. To hold him still did not have to. Specifies that the actor never before hit the reports


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