Dmitry Guberniev is trying to explain to his son the reasons for the divorce

Дмитрий Губерниев пытается объяснить сыну причины развода The commentator spoke about the problems in dealing with the heir. Dmitry Guberniev does not hide that has rarely seen the son, because the boy lives with mother. According to the man, concerned about his uncommon encounters with a 15-year-old Misha.
Дмитрий Губерниев пытается объяснить сыну причины развода

Dmitry Guberniev is one of the most popular commentators of Russia. He covers sports events around the world, but it manages to hide details of their personal lives. In the program “Once” the man admitted that he has rarely seen son and is very worried.

“I’m sorely lacking kid around. He now lives with my mom, but I try to pick it up. Earlier Mike asked why me and his mom divorced. I tried to talk, to tell, but the subject is complex,” said the commentator.
Дмитрий Губерниев пытается объяснить сыну причины развода

Parting Dmitry Guberniev and world Champions in athletics Olga Bogoslovskaya was a big surprise for fans of the pair. They were sure that the stars are happy together. However, the ex-wife tried to disperse peacefully, without making a show of difficulty in the relationship.

Earlier Olga Bogoslovskaya told me that Dimitri tries as often as possible to see his son, despite the increased employment. The parents of 15-year-old Misha often do not see eye to eye with regards to questions of his upbringing. However, occasional conflict between ex-spouses did not affect their relationship with the heir.

Dimitri tries not to dwell on the reasons for parting with Olga. In the opinion of men, they managed to maintain good relations for the sake of their child.

“In the Studio, I almost always call Olga my ex-wife. At the time, I really wanted a son to become an athlete, he was a terrific response. However, the wife was strongly against it. In the end, from thinking about football career of Misha had to be abandoned,” recalls the host.

Dmitry also said they had a 15-year-old Misha wanted to become a commentator, but the father of this idea was not to their liking. In the opinion of men, the son is not too interested in sports to devote her life and all the time.

“It would be very difficult to make a career with that name. Misha would be ten times better than me, but otherwise, it would be constantly compared, would have destroyed,” said the Guberniev.

According to a sportswriter, the son does not condemn his and ex-wife for the breakup. However, Dmitry sure now Misha difficult adolescence, and so he tries as often as possible to chat with the heir.