Alexey Chumakov admitted, who looks like his daughter

Алексей Чумаков признался, на кого похожа его дочь The singer was the guest of the program “the Secret to a million.” Alexey Chumakov did not disclose the child’s name, but noted that the girl “looks like it”. The artist also spoke about how marriage and the birth of the baby changed his life.
Алексей Чумаков признался, на кого похожа его дочь

Alexey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk became the parents of 13 Oct. Artists have long concealed the imminent completion of simactive, but later still posted the photo, which depicted the legs of a newborn daughter. Now the young father of the house tries to spend most of your free time to maintain the spouse and to follow the development of the baby.

Alex and Julia don’t want to show the girl’s face up to the christening, but in the program “the Secret to a million” artist still told by someone like the heiress.

“Sometimes she turns her head that looks like Julia, but my Eastern blood still prevailed. Daughter dark, brown eyes. Of course, my wife is now fully absorbed by the parent trouble, but we are looking for a nanny. Difficult so quick to find someone you can trust of a child. So now Julia helps her mother,” said the artist.
Алексей Чумаков признался, на кого похожа его дочь

Every day Chumakov tries to quickly solve business issues, to return home to his wife and child. The man said that Julia is trying to keep it informed of the first successes of the baby, so often throws the newly minted father of photography and video featuring girls.

According to Alexey, his wife suffered a great pregnancy. Kovalchuk didn’t suffer from morning sickness, she had serious mood swings.

“I see that Julia wants to have a child, she understands the basics of motherhood. But the fact that she is the current popular artist, therefore on your own do not succeed”, – said the man.
Алексей Чумаков признался, на кого похожа его дочь

For the bride it was important that fans and friends were not aware about pregnancy. In an interview for the program “the Secret of the million,” Julia admitted that even the family learned about the imminent addition to semeste only a few months later. According to her, aware of the joyous event it was just them with Alex and the doctor.

Now Chumakov feels absolutely happy, because he had long dreamed about the baby. However, the artist regrets that his mother couldn’t see her granddaughter. Communicating with Leroy Kudryavtseva, the man first told about the reasons of death of a mother.

“We still don’t know how it happened. Apparently the dentist brought her to blood the hepatitis b virus. My mother never drank, I’ve never seen her with a glass of wine, and now this. Against hepatitis began to develop cirrhosis. We are about six years old fought for her life, but in the end the disease was stronger,” – said the artist about the most difficult period of his life.

The musician admitted that after the mother was diagnosed, he did one night not slept well. Any minute he could call the hospital and report the opened bleeding or other complications. Recalling that difficult period, Chumakov could not hold back tears.

The Studio came and the father of the artist, who took care of his sick wife every day for six years. Now George G. resides in Moscow and every day, several times charged with her son. If he’s not out, Alex starts to worry and call dad.

A relative of the musician recalled that at the first meeting immediately took Yulia Kovalchuk as a family member. He called the singer’s daughter, and now always enjoy communicating with her.

According to the singer, Yulia has always been with him, supported and tried to distract from the sad thoughts. Chumakov admitted that he had changed his previous conquests, but Kovalchuk turned his views about the relationship. Now he is a loyal wife and happy that they finally became parents.