Dmitry Dyuzheva condemned after the incident at the airport

Дмитрия Дюжева осудили после происшествия в аэропорту
Fans are criticizing the actor for his behaviour.

Dmitry Dyuzhev


He commented on the unfortunate situation, the hero of which became at the airport. 39-year-old actor had a conflict with economy class passengers, who didn’t give it to the reception queue. The artist tried to bypass a long queue, as had on hands tickets in business class, but met resistance from the people waiting for check-in. Actor rudely asked to stand in the queue than he was outraged.

His indignation Dyuzhev said in an interview, for which he was later severely criticized in the Network. “What do say you? I have for your entertainment and leisure life at risk, and then I find myself among you, the audience, and my seat in the last car. I don’t understand what we’re talking about! — said Dmitry on air of the Latvian TV channel. — This all suggests that it is the right thing for you, the audience, do this kind of crap and bullshit, these series cheap and worthless. You deserve it. It turns out, you deserve what you see!”

The actor felt offended, he probably said them in the heat of the moment, but quotes from his speech is already “scattered” across the Network. Critics dissatisfied with the behavior of Dmitri and demand an apology from him. However, in defense of Dmitry it should be noted that the registration of passengers of business class on a separate rack — a common practice for airlines. After all tickets in business are much more in particular because of the granted privileges. On the behavior of Dmitry, probably, also could be the result of severe fatigue due to the crazy schedule of filming and performances.