Alexander Marshall refuses to help the children in his career

Александр Маршал отказывается помогать детям в карьере The singer admitted that the son and daughter themselves achieve success. The girl tries to become an actress in America, passing numerous auditions. The son of the Marshal does not advertise the relationship with the famous artist and composes rap.
Александр Маршал отказывается помогать детям в карьере

Alexander Marshal has two children, 28-year-old Polina and 20-year-old Artem. She received education abroad, she graduated from College with a degree related to computer graphics. However, the genes of his famous father picked up the heiress pulls on stage. Pauline held auditions for roles in movies, she even planned to return to Russia, but the singer talked a daughter.

“Told me that maybe she should come, but I said that there are a lot of actors without work,” the actor told reporters.

The singer told about the career of the youngest son Artem. He was undergoing military service in a unit engaged in combat operation.

“In the army, he tore my hamstring ligament, two months served just. The son was operated on in Moscow. Until all is healed until rehabilitated – the term of service was over. Now writes hip-hop songs. That got him a recent clip. He sings under the pseudonym Trilla,” said Marshall.

The young man does not advertise a relationship with a famous father. The singer in solidarity with the heirs, according to him, a son and a daughter, all must reach themselves. Alexander earned the first money in the sixth grade, speaking at the dance during the summer holidays.

Marshall remembered that he gave the first salary of 80 rubles, a beloved grandmother, an elderly woman burst into tears. After all, her pension was two times less than the fee grandson. “My dad was a military pilot. Everyone thought that I will continue dad’s business, but music won,” – said the singer in an interview with “Interlocutor”.