Dmitriy Tarasov about the scandal: “Let them live their lives”

Дмитрий Тарасов о скандале: «Пусть живет своей жизнью» The footballer has spoken about the conflict. According to the athlete, he tired to comment on the situation that happened to him last week. Tarasova don’t care what is written about him online, and he doesn’t want to discuss the incident with the accident and the details of his personal life.

      Footballer Dmitry Tarasov’s tired of the rumors and allegations that arise in the Network. It became known that the woman involved in the incident with the athlete last week, decided on drastic measures. Hope Fedosenkova said that her account on Instagram and e-mail address was hacked after the incident in the center of Moscow with the participation of Dmitry Tarasov.

      Despite the fact that law enforcement has determined that the athlete is not to blame for the situation that occurred on the road, she continues to blame Tarasova for all the problems. According to participants of the conflict, she plans to investigate continued. Besides, she goes to one of the television, where he will discuss the situation.

      “I will write to the Prosecutor to find the IP address that hacked my “Instagram,” said Hope.

      Dmitry Tarasov tries to avoid communication with the press. The correspondent of “StarHit” managed to get through to the player. However, the athlete anything intelligible about the incident, Hope said.

      “Let him live his life. I do not comment on this situation. Not going to fight it,” – said Tarasov.

      By the way, the footballer revealed that he was also captured on video the incident in the Parking lot at the cafe on Novy Arbat. “People sometimes go to very dishonorable things for a minute PR. That’s their business, not going to judge, but only in one case – if it’s not the peace and humiliation of others,” – said the athlete.

      Recall that a wide resonance in the Network also triggered a review of Dmitry Tarasova about wife Olga Buzova, which they nearly a month did not communicate. Users microblogging said the TV presenter cries a lot. At this point everyone was expecting a strange answer for a football player: “is She crying? I think she’s just drunk”. However, fans of “tarabuco” continue to encourage them to resolve the conflict. Olga Buzova tries to reconcile with her husband through the mother-in-law