Pictures of wedding dresses Maria Zakharova became a hit on the Network

Снимки свадебного платья Марии Захаровой стали хитом в Сети The Russian diplomat preferred the original outfit. Internet users began to discuss the image of Maria Zakharova at the marriage ceremony, which took place 11 years ago. Members were surprised by such an unusual choice for the wedding dress of a statesman.

      Снимки свадебного платья Марии Захаровой стали хитом в Сети

      Russian diplomat Maria Zakharova 11 years ago she married her beloved Andrew. The wedding was held in new York, where at that time worked the woman. In honor of the anniversary, which the couple celebrated November 7, the statesman published a picture of the wedding. “Exactly 11 years ago in new York. Now I weigh less, know more, but most importantly, I learned to love. PS the Bouquet has not got to anybody. P. S. S. In new York I worked. Husband domestic. Arrived, got married, moved,” wrote Zakharova in order to avoid unnecessary questions and discussions. Maria Zakharova shared a very personal frame

      In order to make wedding pictures, Mary and Andrew hired photographer Nikolai Komissarov. He spoke about how it was the triumph of the Russian diplomat. According to him, the ceremony was modest – registration of marriage was held in the Consulate, and then the couple went for a walk to the sights of new York. The pair were photographed in Central Park, on Fifth Avenue.

      “In the beginning I, of course, had a different idea how to remove it; but Zakharov boldly intervened, suggested angles. It was felt in the good sense of authority, composure — qualities of a true diplomat. And not the slightest excitement, although what’s the occasion!” – recognized by the Commissioners.

      The photographer noted that some new Yorkers did not hide his surprise from the choice of the wedding dress Mary. Zakharov expressed a preference for short white dress with black trim and ribbon around the waist. Moreover, its length reaches only to mid-thigh. The diplomat wore a white nylon tights and shoes. Wedding veils for the bride was not. The photographer published the picture, which is all Network users could view her outfit. Subscribers left under the huge number of comments, expressing his mnenie regarding the dress of a diplomat.

      Снимки свадебного платья Марии Захаровой стали хитом в Сети

      It seemed the photographer, the wedding was more exciting for the groom than for the bride.

      “He looked more agitated, straightening the folds on the clothes of his wife, cared for her. Generally it was felt: the leader in this pair of Maria. Sure, and thundered in social networks dress she chose herself… in fact, many customers want to process images in photoshop, to remove the shortcomings — but not Zakharova,” Nicholas shared memories of filming with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.