Дмитрий Нагиев экономит на подарке для Григория Лепса TV presenter refused to lead the anniversary colleagues. The man has already decided that will present to the friend on birthday. Dmitriy Nagiev hopes that his work will appeal to Grigory Leps.

July 16, the famous musician and producer Grigory Leps will celebrate the anniversary he will be 55 years old. A man dreamed that his triumph will appear as a presenter Dmitry Nagiyev. However, the showman had to disappoint the birthday boy due to the tight schedule he will not be able to escape to the old man. Despite the fact that he had to miss an important date, he will prepare for the birthday boy a surprise.

“Gift for the 55th anniversary of the still from me. My best gift is me. So, I think I will write a poem. And it’s all gifts, because we’re not wealthy, and greed no one has canceled” – admitted Dmitry.

Despite the fact that the TV presenter had to refuse old friend, he hopes that he will have the opportunity to become a guest of the Grand event of the Leps. “Snatched two remaining gray hair, to which he said that it is important to know that I’m alive and well and will hold its 60th anniversary. To which I replied: “OK, put yourself in the schedule,” – said Nagiyev.

Showman acknowledges that producer is difficult to call the best of friends, despite the fact that they are very warmly communicate. Last year, Dmitry and Grigory regularly crossed paths on the set of channel project “the Voice”, where Leps was one of the mentors. Men often share with each other witty remarks.

“Gregory gave me several pairs of his famous points. When I asked him to give me the ones that were at the time on it, and not that cheap, he said, “are You mad? For me now, eight thousand euros!” Then I said, “Well, save up for the program and will give me later.” This has not happened yet, but I hope that Gregory will become even more good friends and glasses for eight thousand euros I will,” – with an inherent sense of humor said the TV presenter writer Woman’s Day.