Lutaeva and Ditkovskite boasted the beauty of a country mansion

Лютаева и Дитковските похвастались красотой загородного особняка The actress turned a part of the house in the garden of Eden. Tatiana lutaeva and Agnia Ditkovskite trusted landscaping your suburban home professionals program “a Perfect repair”. Specialists they compared with the magical fairies that have the power to transform even the most difficult areas.
Лютаева и Дитковските похвастались красотой загородного особняка

Country mansion in the village of Petrovo-Dalnee actress Tatiana lutaeva purchased just over a year ago. This property became the first in the life of a famous artist. The star lives with his daughter Agnia, son Dominic and three-year-old grandson of Fedor.

In June last year, the program “a Perfect repair” has visited Tatiana Lutaeva to transform the kitchen and the living room in her new house. Tatiana lutaeva and Agnia Ditkovskite completed temperamental repair

Лютаева и Дитковските похвастались красотой загородного особняка

Authors of the program love to go back to their former characters to see how they live in the new interiors as well to know if they need again the help of professionals. This Saturday, July 8, “a Perfect repair” again came to Tatiana Lutaeva.

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Лютаева и Дитковските похвастались красотой загородного особняка
Лютаева и Дитковските похвастались красотой загородного особняка“The house is all right, beautiful, stylish, but with the landscape need to do something, – said the leading actress Natasha Barbier. We all dream, we buy the materials, but I can not start work. We will be happy if you would help us. I want to preserve the forest, but to make the plot more civilized to have walkways, a gazebo where you can drink tea. And of course we need a Playground for a three year old grandson Fyodor”.
Лютаева и Дитковските похвастались красотой загородного особняка

Work started with the device pad for the gazebo. It will stand on a special reinforced-concrete piles, which are very durable and are ideal for low-rise construction. For the grandson of Tatiana Lutaeva decided to make a Playground with a Fort and a roof of high quality Siberian pine.

Track laid out by paving slabs, called “plates”, it simulates wooden decking and harmoniously fit into the landscape of the area.

Лютаева и Дитковските похвастались красотой загородного особняка

On the floor of the gazebo laid decking beautiful brown color. This ThermoWood, which is not afraid of external influences. The roof made transparent, it does not miss the rain, but does not close the sky and sun. Three walls of the gazebo made entirely of glass, so while it is possible to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The decor gazebos chose Italian tulle white beige color. Around the room there were lamps, a lighting and inside. For the gazebo chose furniture from eco-friendly rattan. Beside her, on a special platform mounted grill.

For registration of the site designers chose plants that like to grow in the shade – Hosta, rhododendrons, arborvitae, and bergenia, sage. On the Playground, rolled out the turf.

The plot of the arbor was decorated with eco-friendly planters, adapting them felled by hurricane pine on a plot of Tatiana Lutaeva. The wood is sawed into logs, they made grooves, filled them with earth and planted petunias in them. Near the gazebo put chairs eco-friendly rattan and hung the hammock on the cloud.

“I have the feeling that I got a dream that I was Cinderella, and suddenly my relatives they got some fairy that all has transformed. How grateful I am to you, you have no idea! I’m under the strong impression. Just a lump in the throat” – shared emotions Tatiana lutaeva, seeing your updated site.