Александр Овечкин и Анастасия Шубская сыграли шикарную свадьбу On 20 August last year to the famous hockey player is officially married with his chosen, but a magnificent celebration was held this summer. The lovers have arranged a holiday in Barvikha, in the Moscow region. At the event there were numerous celebrity guests.

Alexander Ovechkin and Nastassja Subsky got married a year ago, but only now have organized the wedding of your dreams. The event was held in elite district of Moscow region, and his organization responded to the best professionals of the capital.

Date of the celebration was not chosen by chance: the star couple wanted to celebrate such an important event in the Day of love, family and loyalty.

Nastassja Subsky chose an elegant white dress with exquisite lace back and sleeves. For creating the outfit was responsible design Studio Svetlana Lyalina. The image turned out concise and delicate, and the dress itself is emphasized the figure of the bride.

Subsky has taken care of concise images of their girlfriends: all the girls in shiny outfits the Golden.

The groom made a bet on the classics, appearing at the ceremony in a black suit with a bow tie. The hockey player looked nervous, but incredibly happy with the young wife.

A few days before the wedding, the newlyweds threw a bachelor party and a bachelorette party. For the wires in married life Nastasia chose the casual style, appearing at the white party t-shirt and jeans. Bachelor Ovechkin all friends of the groom wearing funny t-shirts with his portrait.

To the delight of the fans caused a touching photo of Nastassja with parents. Vera Glagoleva appeared at his daughter’s wedding in pale blue flowing dress. The picture shows the actress holding her hand and looking at her with admiration. The girl’s father, Kirill shubsky also appeared at the ceremony: he and the groom gave preference to black classic costume.

Vera Glagoleva spoke about the daughter’s husband