Дмитрий Нагиев сожалеет об ошибках в браке The actor, who tries to hide his personal life from public attention, openly talked about the divorce with a leading Alice cher. Several years after the breakup with the mother of his son Dmitry Naghiyev spoke about the reasons why this could happen.

      49-year-old actor and showman Dmitry Nagiyev rarely shares details of his personal life, preferring to keep it secret from prying eyes. Recently, however, he made an exception and openly talked about the relationship between men and women. In recognition Nagiyev, he knows a lot about this topic and even maybe someday to devote her doctoral dissertation.

      Reporters asked Nagiyev, what if love is more starting to resemble the habit. According to the actor, you should try to prevent. Otherwise, you need to try to revive the relationship or, conversely, to save himself. Despite the fact that Dmitry Nagiyev more like a man who is skeptical, he still believes in real feelings.

      “Without love everything is meaningless. Habit is not a feeling. If I knew how to avoid it, it probably would have saved my first marriage and my life today is everything would be different. Yet to find the answer to this question I failed, but I’m still looking and maybe someday I will write a serious treatise on this subject,” shared the actor.

      We will remind that Dmitry Nagiyev was married to radio presenter and writer Alice cher. The former lovers have a common son Kirill, who was born in August 1989. The showman was then 21 years old. The young family lived in the apartment of the parents of the darling future star who helped the couple financially.

      After 18 years of marriage, Dimitri and Alice decided to divorce. Analyzing family life, leading wrote the book “I was the wife of Dmitry Nagiyev”, which frankly told about the affair and the relationship with the entertainer. Readers of the works of Sher noted its irony and natural language processing.

      “What really scares me is the fact that I’m forever doomed to be either a wife Nagieva, or former wife Nagieva. But this is totally unfair! When I got married, I had no idea how things will turn. Yes, I believe in Dima’s bright future. But was not prepared for the fact that I put the stamp and from time to time will be examined under a microscope: “that’s interesting, and what is it?” – wrote Alice.

      Meanwhile, the former husband of cher and itself not against to produce your own book. In an interview with Woman.ru Harvey joked that he has several amazing qualities – talent, love of manuscripts and lies.