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Skater told about a happy event in her life.

Tatiana Volosozhar

Photo: @fire_bird Instagram Tatiana Volosozhar

In the life of Tatiana Volosozhar was a great event. The skater held a graduation at MSU. And shortly before that Tatiana brilliantly passed the last of his life a session and final exams. Now Volosozhar — proud owner of the diploma of the faculty of sports management.

His joy Tatiana shared on social networks. “Everything!” — wrote the athlete. And published your photo in a great mood. Tatiana congratulated on the successful completion of the University. Volosozhar have shared with fans their thoughts about the future. She didn’t want to associate themselves with the figure skating for life. Therefore, the figure skating coach did not want to learn. It is much closer to liking the organization of sporting events. In addition, she is interested in the Agency involved in the adaptation of athletes to life after a career.

By the way, learning from last year was given Volosozhar is not so simple. After all, to graduate Tatiana had a decent pregnancy. A month later she and Maxim Trankov first son is born, whom they look forward to.

Tatyana enrolled in expectant mothers. “Childbirth preparation is in full swing! Preparing for childbirth as comfortable as possible, learn without fear, to think about childbirth, how to breathe and relax!” she said. By the way, spouses reported that they a daughter is born.