Поклонники Софии Ротару взволнованы известием о ее похищении A number of publications reported that the actress was held hostage by an unknown man. Fans could not understand where exactly is the star. A few hours later the situation became clear. The representative Rotaru told what happened with the singer.

      Поклонники Софии Ротару взволнованы известием о ее похищении

      A few hours ago the police received a complaint from an unknown person who has informed law enforcement that his apartment is the artist Sofia Rotaru. The attacker threatened to kill the singer and even called the subject with which he is ready to deal with the woman.

      The police decided to check if everything is in order with the artist. The apartment on the Garden ring, where called unknown, was sent to outfit employees, however, to detect the telephone hooligan has failed.

      Later on the relationship with the journalists came the representative Rotaru, who reported that with the star all right. According to him, in the moment of Sophia Mikhailovna is not in Russia, therefore, all fears are groundless.

      “She’s with a family on holiday in Spain. Any apartments in the Garden she goes, Sophia Mikhailovna the schedule too tight to do it”, – said the Director of the star Sergei Lavrov.

      By the way, after some time in fan communities dedicated to Rotaru, really has pictures of the artist from the rest. The singer smiles and relaxed poses against the backdrop of the local scenery. Fans noted that the woman looks great and thanked the stars that her songs give them a lot of positive impressions.

      “You’re just blinded by its solar beauty!”, “You look beautiful”, “Lovely and charming star!” “You are super”, “Young, cheerful”, – wrote the user’s social network.

      As noted by the police in a conversation with Life.ru an attacker who lies about the kidnapping of the artist, is sure to be arrested and punished for providing wrong information and telephone harassment.

      By the way, in the next few months Rotaru wants to have a big solo concert. As reported by its Director, 69-year-old actress is ready to collect a full house in the capital’s Crocus city Hall. However, negotiations with the venue and the organizers. Besides, the singer is working on new music, which plans to present to the public. Yet Sofia Mikhailovna gave myself a little vacation, because she had to speak during a tour of the cities of Germany.