Дмитрий Нагиев поскандалил на съемках телешоу
Showman was outraged by the mess on the site.

Dmitriy Nagiev, Cyril, Kovbas

Photo: courtesy of the press service

Dmitriy Nagiev staged during the show a real scandal. Leading
angered by his own expression “a mess on the floor.” Nagiev shouted: “Impossible so
to work!”

However, those who witnessed this scene, nothing to worry about. Because the conflict was not real, and happened in
the filming of “Kitchen. The last Battle of the” Studio Yellow, Black and White. This day he filmed the scene where Dmitry led a TV show,
dedicated to the world championship among professional chefs.

In the story during the finals on the scene
raise the Cup so that all participants could see the coveted prize
personally. As luck, at this moment the Chief’s son (actor Kirill Kovbas) decided
look at the reward closer. And when the Cup was raised, it turned out that Ivan did not
time to let go of the prize and the lift raised by a young chef with a prize.

The idea Nagiyev is not enough that quarreling because of this situation, he does drop the MIC, and left. However, coming out of the frame, on the face of Dmitry immediately, a smile appeared. “Here, on the set of “the Kitchen. The last battle” me
surrounded by amazingly nice people: good actors and interesting interlocutors, —
shared 7days.ru actor.
— Therefore, despite the fact that today, for example, I got up at 4.30 am to
seven already on the site, I have a very good mood. Because I have it
depends mostly on the people who surround me”.