Yulia Mikhalkov became interested in the unusual sport

Юлия Михалкова увлеклась необычным видом спорта
The star of the show “Ural dumplings” discovered squash.

Yulia Mikhalkov

Photo: Instagram Yulia Mikhalkova (@mihalkova)

Now every morning Yulia Mikhalkova starts with the training.
The actress was fascinated by new sport — squash or, in other words, playing with
ball and racket in an enclosed space.

to say that just few workouts became a fan of his. First of all
it does not require any extensive training and special equipment. And
to do they can be in almost any room — says Mikhalkov. — Squash
replaces the usual training game, but the body gets a good
versatile physical activity is the flexibility and muscle strengthening, and
of course, excellent cardio. Moreover, it is now very trendy look
sport, which is actively developing all over the country. Happy
work out two hours, a little tired, but filled with courage and good
mood for the whole day.”

In an interview 7days.ru Mikhalkov admitted that because of the tight tour
graphics difficult to find time for exercise in the gym. The only
the thing, for which the artist is ready to sacrifice even sleep, is a massage. With it
using the star manages to maintain the perfect shape. “I do it all the time,
always and everywhere — in every town, wherever we went on tour,” the
admitted Julia.

Mikhalkov calls
himself a passionate fan of all types of massage. The star has already tasted the honey,
acupressure, cupping, lymphatic drainage, anti-stress, Korean, Thai,
French, Spanish, Hawaiian massages and treatments with hot stones
and herbal compress. And the most beloved Julia has become a cellulite massage. ”
the gym after a good massage to go no longer — you’re in the process
lose volume and weight. Over the course of the massage, you can easily lose three to five
pounds and to lose about seven inches in the waist. And the press too, but not
necessary, the stomach itself is lifted,” — said Mikhalkov.