Daughter of Michael Jackson believes her father was killed over money

Дочь Майкла Джексона считает, что ее отца убили из-за денег
Paris made a shocking confession about the great musician.

Дочь Майкла Джексона считает, что ее отца убили из-за денег

Paris Jackson


Дочь Майкла Джексона считает, что ее отца убили из-за денег

Michael Jackson

An interview with 18-year-old Paris Jackson recently made the first successful steps in
the modeling industry, produced a scandal. The fact that the girl did
a series of shocking confessions to the Rolling Stones.

only Paris for the first time in almost 8 years that
passed from the day of the sudden death of her father, Michael, spoke about this tragedy. “I have no doubt that the Pope was murdered. I understand that
it sounds in the style of “conspiracy theories”. Unfortunately, I have no way to prove it,
but for me and for our family and friends it is quite obvious…,” said the girl.

told that blames the company’s employees involved in its
the last tour. Paris said that her father mercilessly exploited for the sake of profits, who promised a scheduled tour. Michael, whose health and without
that left much to be desired, unraveling right before her eyes. “They squeezed him
dry, he was barely alive…” – says Paris. Daughter Jackson says: realizing that the exhausted Michael fail
work scheduled concerts, the producers did not want to lose
their income and decided to “clean” singer. And, according to the girl, Michael
felt something was wrong. Shortly before his death told her: “one day they told me

So all about
happened: in August of 2009, 50-year-old Jackson died suddenly from cardiac arrest.
His doctor Conrad Murray, allegedly by mistake made his shot, which led to
this result was only a mercenary, convinced, Paris. He did not benefit from the death of the singer,
but promoters are considerably enriched at his death: as tickets for the concerts of the tour were
already sold — for the astounding sum of $ 450 million! And the fans killed by the loss of his idol, as expected, did not demand a refund, and prefer
keep your tickets with you on the memory…

As for
most Paris, as a girl, her life, after she lost
to support and protect the most beloved father, for a long time was just awful. Moreover,
she still can’t recover after it suffered any losses. Paris had
the awful incident: according to the girl, at the age of 14, she
he was sexually abused by a don called to her men. Daughter
Jackson said that she tried several times to commit suicide. And only
after several years, she gradually began to return to normal
life and now trying to find their way in it.

Paris Jackson with brothers Blanket and Prince Michael