Daughter of Barack Obama hooked on illegal substances

Дочь Барака Обамы подсела на запрещенные вещества The successor of the former President of America is totally out of hand. Her around the world to discuss nothing less than the joining Donald trump for President of the United States. Despite the relatively young age, Maria Obama managed to win a very scandalous reputation.

      Дочь Барака Обамы подсела на запрещенные вещества

      The behavior of 18-year-old Malia has long been concerned about the now ex-presidential couple. Barack and Michelle allowed the girl to take a one year break between school and Harvard, so she enjoyed the youth. But Malia took it as permission to drink, smoke and hang out with a questionable crowd.

      Dirty dancing

      Malia went off the rails in July last year, as soon as she turned 18. At a music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago the daughter of the President, who listened to the concert in the crowd of ordinary mortals, shocked people twerking, grinding on the guys, playfully lifted up her skirt. Malia accompanied the guards didn’t know where to look, and therefore did not see how her hands appeared a suspicious cigarette.

      “Everything had a strange smell,” said a visitor to the festival. Later there was a version that knocked out her friend, 20-year-old son of comrade Obama and aspiring rapper Taylor Bennett, who is serving a suspended sentence for grievous bodily harm. Barack Obama was furious, but limited educational conversation.

      “At her age of rebellion – say friends of the family. – She does everything contrary to the parents”.
      Дочь Барака Обамы подсела на запрещенные вещества

      At the end of August the guards of the family barely managed to pull Malia’s party in club Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts before the police raided there. It was not even stopped by the closeness of the parents, who were on holiday in a rented cottage nearby.

      House arrest

      Patience couple Obama ended in September, when journalists are caught from social networks another dirt on Malia. Namely, a photo of her at the table with a drink in the hostel of the University of Pennsylvania. It was not only in trouble of Barack and Michelle about the welfare of his daughter. It’s long been rumored that the couple did not get along and plan to divorce as soon as he leave the post. Maybe riot Malia is associated with the tensions in the family, but she only attracts to their problems unnecessary attention and provoke a new quarrel.

      “Michelle blames Barak for the perversity of Malia and her interest in illegal substances, sources say. – Believes that it is the father’s genes, because she raised a daughter right.”

      After the incident in Pennsylvania, Malia disappeared from the public eye for three months. She missed her last for Barack Obama, a ceremony pardoning the Turkey on thanksgiving and opening of the presidential Christmas tree. It was rumored that the girl was sent to a rehab clinic. But at Christmas parents still took the daughter with him to Hawaii, and so their interventions failed, and the family at least for a time reigned consent.