Дмитрий Нагиев кардинально изменил привычный имидж
The appearance of the actor has undergone significant changes.

Dmitriy Nagiev

Photo: @nagiev.universal Instagram Dmitriy Nagiev

Dmitriy Nagiev was the first
actor, the of which appeared on the cover of Esquire. About this important event
announced their fans in the microblog. However, the announcement of the release of the men’s magazine with
image 49-year-old Dmitry was more interested in the fans for a different reason. The fact is,
what Nagiyev, of which many are used to seeing in the image of “macho”, this time appeared in a dramatically different image. The appearance of the actor has undergone significant
changes — Dmytro decorated red mustache, and his muscular body was “hidden”
behind a nondescript grey suit.

“Do not care about 90-60-90,
antennae there. Thank you Esquire magazine for their
honor. To be the only Russian actor on the cover — reinforces the crown!” —
Nagiev wrote in the microblog.

Photo Nagiyev in
a few minutes after the publication became one of the most discussed topics of the day. “Yes
at least with pink-green mustache, still Dmitri is beautiful and amazing!”, “Grandpa
Lenin, 100%!!! Interestingly, it specifically that happened or an accident?”, “Russian
Bruce Willis!”, “A good man mustache will not spoil!” — wrote Dmitriy

By the way, recently Nagiyev made a gift to his fans. He shared a picture, which posed semi-Nude.

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