Three unsolved mysteries of Michael Jackson

Три неразгаданные  тайны Майкла Джексона
It’s been seven years since the death of the singer…

Три неразгаданные  тайны Майкла Джексона

Michael Jackson

Although today marks seven years since that day
did not the king of pop Michael Jackson, there are many mysteries concerning
his life and the circumstances of the death. And the simple answer to a
the issues has not yet been found. However, it is not necessary that the whole truth
about Michael all will be revealed ever.

Who killed Michael Jackson?

The first and perhaps the most important question — who was
the culprit of his death. At first glance, it would seem, all is clear. In
manslaughter Jackson was accused by his doctor Conrad Murray. It
he was jailed two years of the four that he was sentenced, and was released for
exemplary behaviour.

But here’s what
strangely almost none of his colleagues could not believe that so experienced
the doctor, like Murray, could allow such incredible negligence. And in fact,
Conrad just could not know about the peculiarities of action of the drug, which
killed the singer. The fact is that the propofol injection which Murray did
Michael, so that he could sleep — not an ordinary sleeping pill. More precisely, it does not
traditionally used as a sedative, it’s too dangerous. Propofol — the drug
used, under strict control, as a component of anesthesia
during operations. And in any case can not be used outside of the clinic, where there is no
apparatus for resuscitation. Indeed, among the possible side effects is cardiac arrest.
What actually happened to poor Jackson.

Три неразгаданные  тайны Майкла Джексона

Michael Jackson

And Murray, meanwhile, is making the fatal shot, not
only the left next to Michael, and left him in the room one or more than
for half an hour. And when Conrad returned the singer to save has been impossible… Frightened
what he had done, the Murray and the whole day disappeared before he surrendered to his
police. So he was incredibly lucky when the court considered his act
unintentional murder. And, perhaps, the main argument in making
the verdict was the fact that the investigation failed to find out a motive for
which Murray would knowingly kill Jackson. Because Conrad from doing anything
not won, just lost his job and landed in jail. As for the version, like someone hired
Murray to send Jackson to the other world, the court was not able to identify who
could be a customer. Suspect elderly mother of Michael, or his children,
of course, no one.

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  • Три неразгаданные  тайны Майкла Джексона
    Michael Jackson


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